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At All Critters Pet Sitters we appreciate how important it is to have the right person caring for your animals. Steph and Angela  are both experienced with a wide range of pets, both have animal oriented backgrounds, and are both totally devoted to your pets’ well being, happiness and comfort; we respect and adore our furry clients. Due to our experience in the pet care industry, and gentle personal touch, we can create a real bond with your pet, and care for them as we would our own.



Angela - Lismore Area


Having grown up on a farm worked by Clydesdales, I was quite familiar with horses in my younger years and rode them a lot (horse-mad teenage girl!). As there were always at least 5 dogs at any one time, a cat in the sheds who dealt to the rats, ferrets, sheep, the horses, a donkey, a couple of milking cows, whatever animal I was ‘rescuing’ at the time, and not many neighbours; I think I may have spent more of my youth with animals  rather than other children!!

My father was also a well known animal trainer (horses and dogs), and I gained many skills and a sound ‘feel’ for animals and their behaviour from a young age; from watching him work, and watching the animals he worked with.

I truly adore animals, and taking care of them  is a true pleasure... I could hardly call it just “my job”!! I love what I do and have real affection for my furry clients.

If your pet is of a type we have not cared for before I will always tell you and will endeavour to learn as much as I can about your type of pet prior to you going away as well as getting very detailed instructions from you on your pets specific requirements.

I hope that this service can fill a gap and provide a greater number of choices for pet owners. It is my aim and purpose to delight my clients with the level of service they receive so that once tried, they will become loyal customers and friends of All Critters Pet Sitters.