If you work full time or have difficulty getting around yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to give your dog all the exercise he or she needs to stay healthy and to prevent them from getting bored and starting to demolish your house or garden! So why not get us to walk your dog for you?

You can choose to book a casual walk every now and then or book in a regular walk two or three times per week.

Extra walks are ideal for those pet owners trying to help their pets lose a little weight or to assist in alleviating boredom habits such a barking, chewing or digging. We’ll make sure your dog gets a good workout and arrives back home satisfied and ready for a good long nap!

Walk Time


 2 + Walks
Per Week


15 min




30 min




45 min








Prices are for one dog only. Extra dogs are charged at a flat rate of $5 per dog per walk. Maximum of 2 medium/large or 4 small dogs walked at any one time

Dogs must be controllable on a leash. ‘Difficult’ dogs or those that pull and require some basic leash training will only be walked singly and extra charges may apply depending on the extra work involved. We have a couple of different ‘anti pull’ devices which we can discuss with you if we feel these are required for adequate control whilst walking your dog.

Please note dog walks that are not a part of a pet sitting assignment are not available on the following public holidays: Christmas day, New Years Day, Good Friday