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We offer a FREE initial consultation prior to your departure. This consists of about half an hour for us to meet your pets, become familiar with the layout of your home, discuss your requirements and go through our service agreement. This also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have and be sure that ours is the service you want to use. This is the best time to give us your spare key if you require us to enter your home.

Allowing someone to enter your home whilst you are away requires a large degree of trust. If we can gain access to your pets and their feeding area and food without a key you may choose that we do not enter your home at all - the choice is entirely yours. If we do enter your home we take great pains to ensure that all is left clean, tidy and as undisturbed as possible. We respect your privacy and advise you to let us know of any areas that you wish to be kept out of bounds during our security checks. We are fully police checked and are of good character – our reputation is our business.

All Critters Pet Sitters holds a comprehensive insurance policy designed just for pet sitters to cover liabilities including your property and pets whilst they are in our care. Please ask us about our insurance policy if you have any questions.

We offer several levels of service (see Services page) but a general run down of our Standard visit goes something like this for a household with only small domestic animals.
  • Arrive as close to pets normal feeding time as possible.
  • Collect any mail or newspapers
  • Enter home or yard, checking for anything out of place as we enter – brief look around to make sure all is well.
  • Greet pet(s) and give them a good scratch/pat or cuddle and maybe a small treat to say hello, surreptitiously checking them over to make sure they are ok!
  • Feed pets making sure they eat what they are supposed to!
  • Check and refresh water and clear up any droppings/clean litter trays (more scratching and patting!)
  • Do a thorough entrance point check on the home form the outside and inside (doors, windows etc.)
  • Complete any home services as required (watering plants, putting out bins,  emptying pool skimmer etc.)
  • Take dog for a walk (length dependent on service level chosen)
  • Clean food bowls, tidy feed containers away
  • Fill out daily diary with details of how the pet seems, how our walk went anything of interest for the day.
  • Make sure all inside and outside the house is left clean and tidy.
  • Play with or give attention to pets as we say ‘seeya later’.
  • Leave the home checking everything is locked securely and ready for the following visit.


We also offer a Stand By Key Program. This allows you to leave a copy of your key with us for future use. Your key is kept in a secure location and is unmarked but for our unique identification code. Then all you need to do is contact us to  book! No key drop off or collection needed!