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  1. Discounts, Surcharges
    - Christmas Day 50% surcharge
       Travel Surcharges may apply
  2. Conditions                
    We ask that you purchase extra supplies for your pets to make sure you do not run out. Any expenses incurred by your pet sitter for pet food, cat litter or other essential supplies will be added to your invoice plus a $15 shopping charge.
  3. Assignments cannot be accepted without an initial face to face interview and signing of the service agreement.
  4. In the interests of maintaining professional standards All Critters Pet Sitters does not accept assignments where we are asked to just check in on your pets two or three times per week  (exceptions for farm animals, fish, some birds).

    Please do not ask us to ‘just ignore’ one of your pets – as animal lovers we are unable to accept such assignments which contravene our duty of care.

    All Critters Pet Sitters reserve the right to refuse bookings for any reason at our discretion.

    If we are required to make an extra trip following the initial interview in order to pick up your key this will be charged at a  flat rate of $20. Keys may be sent by courier or mailed anonymously to us at your own cost

    Any extra time required for dealing with emergency or unforseen situations with your pets or home will be charged at $15 per 15 minutes or part thereof
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