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If you are going on holiday, need to go into hospital or travel frequently for work the question of what to do with your pets will be a large part of the planning process. Traditionally pet owners look to boarding kennels or a friendly neighbour to care for their pets whilst they are away but sometimes these solutions just aren’t possible.

Boarding facilities are not suitable for every pet and if you have animals other than cats and dogs, they are usually not an option. Friendly neighbours are not always available particularly at popular holiday times and if you are new to the area you may not have anyone to call upon. And we all know there is a stage at which the ‘odd favour’ can become a ‘regular chore’ and you may not feel comfortable asking your neighbour for help on a frequent basis.

This is where All Critters Pet Sitters can help. Conducting daily visits to your pets in their own home environment, we combine a home check with the best of care for your pets and many extra services that the other options just can’t offer


All Critters Pet Sitters offers peace of mind for pet owners knowing that their pets are being well cared for in their absence and that their home is being visited and inspected on a daily basis.

Pet sitting is a growing industry as more and more pet owners search for real alternatives to traditional pet care services. Pet sitters offer  a level of dedication and professionalism that can’t be expected from friends or neighbors and with many more service options than can be offered by traditional boarding facilities